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Winner 2016 Western PA Better Business Bureau Torch Award For Ethics
Energy Swing Windows has been presented with the prestigious Better Business Bureau 2016 Torch Award for Ethics. The Torch Award... [Read more]
Energy Swing Windows a supplier of custom made residential replacement windows in Murrysville, PA, has been awarded a 2015 Guildmaster... [Read more]
Energy Swing Windows Presented With The 2014 Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award
On Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Energy Swing Windows was presented with the Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award in the medium company... [Read more]
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Good quality work. Very courteous people. Would not change anything.
Testimonial by Don & Pam S. from Saltsburg, PA

Indiana County's Expert Window & Door Company

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide.

We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized in Indiana County, PA.

Energy Swing Windows has a variety of styles of windows to use depending on the room you're putting them in and the space available. No matter what you're looking for, we'll have an option that will suit your home! Our technicians will go over everything in detail when we provide you with a free estimate.

Services we offer in Indiana County:

  • Replacement Window Installation
  • Replacement Door Installs
  • Local Window Manufacturing, PA made!
  • Slider glass doors, Screen doors and more
  • Bay, bow, picture windows
  • Easy clean windows and doors
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections

We offer free estimates for all of our services in and around Indiana County, PA - schedule yours today!

Job Stories From Indiana County, PA
Outdated and drafty entry door in Butler, PA replaced with energy effiicent solution

Mark P. of Butler, PA grew tired of looking at his outdated entry door, and he was even more concerned with how much air was leaking into his home. He researched several companies and asked his friends and family for recommendations on companies they knew and trusted. A co-worker who recently had several windows and a door installed by Energy Swing Windows encouraged Mark to call us.

Mark called Energy Swing Windows to schedule an appointment and was set-up with expert Client Consultant, Chris Saxton. On Chris' first visit to Mark's home, he measured the entry door and sidelite that was going to be replaced and asked several questions to see what exactly Mark was looking for in a door in terms of security, energy efficiency, and appearance. Chris then scheduled a second visit with Mark before returning to his Energy Swing Windows office, where he put together a detailed proposal for Mark, including pricing and images of what his new door would look like once installed in his home.

On Chris' second visit to Mark's home, he reviewed the scope of the work, the design options for the door, and the cost to do the job right with Energy Swing Windows' expert employee installers. Based on Mark's trust in Chris, Energy Swing Windows, and his friends' reference, he chose Energy Swing Windows to install his new door. The results can be found in before and after images here.

Mark and his entire family are thrilled with the work completed by Energy Swing Windows. They've added to the curb appeal of their home and no longer suffer from air leaking into their home through an old, drafty door. As with every project we're hired to install, Energy Swing Windows was honored to work on Mark's home.

Outdated and drafty entry door in Butler, PA replaced with energy effiicent solution - Photo 1Outdated and drafty entry door in Butler, PA replaced with energy effiicent solution - Photo 2Outdated and drafty entry door in Butler, PA replaced with energy effiicent solution - Photo 3Outdated and drafty entry door in Butler, PA replaced with energy effiicent solution - Photo 4
Taking Loses is Sometimes Necessary to Unsure We Do The Right Thing for our Customers


 The driving philosophy here at Energy Swing Windows is to always do the “right thing”. And sometimes doing the “right thing” means taking a large financial hit to ensure complete client satisfaction. That was the situation in which we found ourselves in during a recent fiberglass entry door installation.


The process began as any other for us. Our experienced Client Consultant, Chris Saxton helped his client choose an entry door that was the best fit for them, and hashed out all the finer details, like color, hardware, and glass style. Then Jeff Blank, our Project Manager took precise measurements of the custom-sized door, before finally placing an order with our door supplier.


 Fast forward a few weeks to when Energy Swing receives the door from the supplier and sends a crew of its certified employee installers to the clients’ home for installation. The fiberglass door along with two sidelites and decorative glass looks perfect with the exception of one glaring issue—it was cut too short.


Frustrated by the supplier sending the wrong size door, our Owner, Steve Rennekamp, vowed to make it right by re-ordering the door and sending the installers back to the home for a second install day. This time, the door is perfectly sized to fit the opening in the house, but the crew found another huge mistake—what was supposed to be a fiberglass door was, in fact, a nearly identical door made of steel.


We were prepared to order the door for a third time but the homeowners were willing to accept the steel version of their door, on the condition that we reimburse them a portion of their investment because steel doors are generally less expensive than similar fiberglass doors.


Embarrassed by the onslaught of errors from his door supplier, Rennekamp did what he promises he would “do again in a heartbeat”—he gave the clients all of their money back for the project. “When you consider all the doors we had to order and all the trips we made, we took an $8,200 loss,” said Steve, “but we’ve built Energy Swing Windows on the principle of providing 100% client satisfaction, and that’s what it took this time. It’s one reason we’ve won three ethics awards.”  The awards that Steve is referring to are the BBB Torch Award for Ethics that we recently won for the 3rd consecutive time.

Taking A Monetary Loss Isn't Always A Loss

It’s sad to say that not many people expect to receive a quality customer service experience these days. In fact, many just purchase a product or service and then hope for the best. So, when installing new windows created an unexpected problem for our customer Deborah C. of Pittsburgh, she would never have predicted how professional all of us at Energy Swing Windows reacted. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find another company that would ever consider matching our actions on this particular job. Mrs. C had Energy Swing Windows replace her old, leaky, energy inefficient windows. Installation went beautifully, so when she called us to report that she was dealing with a pretty substantial mold issue, we were caught by surprise to say the least. We listened as Mrs. C described how mold was growing in an upstairs closet. She was fearful of the mold build-up, especially since she worked from home in the room where the mold was growing. She explained that she contacted us with questions because before she had her windows replaced, she never had this problem. In order to ease Mrs. C.’s mind and help her find the root of the problem, we foot the $425 bill for a respected Pittsburgh home inspector to assess the situation. Turns out, moisture from her home that had been escaping through the old leaky windows was now being trapped inside the home, resulting in higher levels of humidity and mold build-up in the house. The home inspector reassured our customer that Energy Swing Windows was not responsible for the issue and made suggestions for remediation and prevention. “To go this extra mile cost Energy Swing a lot of time and money, but that is the only way we know how to treat our customers,” our president Steve Rennekamp said. “We’ve established a reputation to go above and beyond what other companies would do for their customers, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.” Although we did nothing wrong, we went ahead and not only paid for the home inspector, but we also paid $957.59 to have the closet walls rebuilt for the homeowner.


Why? Because we all have our customers’ best interests at heart. We know that no matter what, a satisfied customer is a happy customer who will refer friends and family to them in the future.     While we are obviously in the window and door business, our real business is helping customers solve problems with their homes. With more than 45 years of experience in the window and home construction industry, we can solve most problems and concerns customers may have and are happy doing so.

Owners of Scenery Hill Log Cabin Seeking Perfect Color Match For Exterior of Windows & Doors

Ed & Becky R. of Scenery Hill, PA had been searching for a few years to find the right window company to install the perfect windows into their log cabin home. Because they had previously replaced their roof and garage door with matching green color products, they were searching for a precise color-match for the exterior of their windows, and a wood finish on the inside to their liking. This was not easy to find.

Becky heard about Energy Swing Windows on WordFM radio and looked online to ensure Energy Swing had a wood window product she liked. Becky scheduled an appointment and was assigned expert Client Consultant Chris Saxton, who has 16 years experience at Energy Swing Windows. On Chris' first visit to the home, he measured every window and door in the home, answered questions from the homeowners, and asked a few of his own to ensure he knew exactly what they wanted.

One week later, Chris returned to the home to review the proposal with Ed and Becky, and to go over all the important details, including the color of the products. Ed and Becky finally found the company who they not only trusted to do the work professionally, but also one who could match the colors exactly the way they wanted. The work has been completed, and Ed and Becky are thrilled with the results.

Very few window and door companies have the people and the products capable of being a fit for window and door replacement in log cabins. Energy Swing Windows has both, and has worked on several log cabins with great success over the past few years. Whether you live in a log cabin or not, Energy Swing Windows has the people and the products to give you exactly what you want.

Owners of Scenery Hill Log Cabin Seeking Perfect Color Match For Exterior of Windows & Doors - Photo 1Owners of Scenery Hill Log Cabin Seeking Perfect Color Match For Exterior of Windows & Doors - Photo 2Owners of Scenery Hill Log Cabin Seeking Perfect Color Match For Exterior of Windows & Doors - Photo 3Owners of Scenery Hill Log Cabin Seeking Perfect Color Match For Exterior of Windows & Doors - Photo 4Owners of Scenery Hill Log Cabin Seeking Perfect Color Match For Exterior of Windows & Doors - Photo 5Owners of Scenery Hill Log Cabin Seeking Perfect Color Match For Exterior of Windows & Doors - Photo 6Owners of Scenery Hill Log Cabin Seeking Perfect Color Match For Exterior of Windows & Doors - Photo 7Owners of Scenery Hill Log Cabin Seeking Perfect Color Match For Exterior of Windows & Doors - Photo 8
Customer Satisfaction Is Top Priority-Even If It Means Losing Thousands Of Dollars

Everyone here at Energy Swing Windows strive to put our customers first. Sometimes that means going back out to a customer’s home to make sure the job was done right. Other times it can mean reordering materials. Occasionally it even means taking a financial loss to make a customer happy.


Recently a customer agreed to purchase 22 energy efficient windows that would dramatically reduce heat loss in her home. Before the purchase was made, the customer was shown a sample of the window so she could get a feel for its visual appeal.


The job progressed as usual – supplies were ordered, the windows manufactured and our own installers began installing the windows. All of a sudden, the customer noticed something she didn’t like. Even though she was shown an exact sample of the glass prior to purchase, she said she didn’t realize that the glass would have a shading effect in order to provide the superior energy efficiency she desired.


Now, we could have told her “tough luck, these are the windows you were shown and ordered, so if you want to change your order now, it will be at your expense.” However, that is not what happened – not even close.


Instead, her sales consultant, Don showed her the glass sample again and she agreed that this is what she was shown, but now that she looks at it being installed, she still “doesn’t like the shading of the glass.”


Don discussed the issue with our production and manufacturing teams. They calculated how much the price difference would be for labor and material to replace all 22 windows with clear glass. We all thought it would be best for the company to incur the cost instead of passing it along to the customer and having her upset and unhappy a second time. After all, customer satisfaction is the top priority for us at Energy Swing Windows.

The customer was thrilled that the clear glass would now be installed into her windows and graciously offered to cover half of the cost difference, citing that the situation was not the company’s fault.


In the end, the customer and the company won.


It’s important to note that this isn’t an isolated situation. Every day we strive to meet—and exceed—our customers’ expectations.


Front Entry Door Replacement in McKees Rocks, PA!

Cory Z. of McKees Rocks, PA had an old & inefficient entry door. It no longer sealed properly, resulting in cold air getting inside during the winter months. He really felt that the old complaint "We aren't heating the outside" was a reality for him. The summer months were no better for him, with the cool air escaping. He noticed that their utility bills were being affected by the old energy sucking doors, and not in a good way. He knew that he didn't want to go through another winter putting blankets on the door's threshold to keep the warm air from escaping. He mentioned in passing to a friend of his about how he needed a new door. His friend was quick to sing Energy Swing Windows praises and insisted that he give us a call.

Donnie, one of our wonderful Energy Swing Windows Sales Consultants, came out and met with him. He quickly put Cory's mind at ease. Not only did Donnie earn Cory's trust by asking him what he was looking for, but actually listened to what he had to say. He didn't high pressure him or try to talk him into something he didn't need. He assured him that the new entry door would be of the highest quality and efficiency level and will be a beautiful enhancement to his home. And, above all else, it's the door that he wants: that thought appealed to him instantly. He loved the options he could chose from, and didn't realize how many there could be! He chose a beautiful fiberglass entry door in a cherry stain finish. He also picked a decorative glass pattern which promised to be stunning!

In less than two months after his initial call to us, his project was complete! The beauty of the new door was a winner for him at the beginning. He also noticed how perfect the new door sealed. It was the cold winter months that followed the installation that turned him into a very satisified customer. His investment with Energy Swing Windows added so much value to his home. He has now become like a friend, a customer that will refer his friends and family to us without question!

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