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Before and After Pictures from Allegheny County
Dramatic front entry door replacement in White Oak, PA

Dramatic front entry door replacement in White Oak, PA

Before After
Dramatic front entry door replacement in White Oak, PA Dramatic front entry door replacement in White Oak, PA

This homeowner wanted to completely change the configuration and appearance of his front entry door, and Energy Swing Windows was able to accomodate him.

Entry door and storm door replacement in Port Vue, PA

Entry door and storm door replacement in Port Vue, PA

Before After
Entry door and storm door replacement in Port Vue, PA Entry door and storm door replacement in Port Vue, PA

A new entry door and storm door can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home.

Old aluminum windows replaced by new vinyl windows in Monroeville, PA

Old aluminum windows replaced by new vinyl windows in Monroeville, PA

Before After
Old aluminum windows replaced by new vinyl windows in Monroeville, PA Old aluminum windows replaced by new vinyl windows in Monroeville, PA

Monroeville homeowners has Energy Swing Windows install new beige vinyl windows with contrasting brown coverage to replace old, hard to operate aluminum windows.

Company Awards
Winner 2016 Western PA Better Business Bureau Torch Award For Ethics
Energy Swing Windows has been presented with the prestigious Better Business Bureau 2016 Torch Award for Ethics. The Torch Award... [Read more]
Energy Swing Windows a supplier of custom made residential replacement windows in Murrysville, PA, has been awarded a 2015 Guildmaster... [Read more]
Energy Swing Windows Presented With The 2014 Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award
On Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Energy Swing Windows was presented with the Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award in the medium company... [Read more]
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Energy Swing Windows serving Allegheny County, PA

Previously Energy Swing installed a sliding patio door and an entrance door on our home. We are now...
Happy Customers Surrounding Allegheny County, PA
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Reviews From Allegheny County
Testimonials From Allegheny County
You guys do excellent work and have great service!
Testimonial by Doug J. from Port Vue, PA
We wish you could do everything we need for our home improvements-YOU HAVE BEEN THE ONLY COMPANY WE TRUST.
Testimonial by Jeff F. from Monroeville, PA
Very professional, clean, and knew exactly what needed to be done.
Testimonial by Dee C. from Monroeville, PA

Allegheny County, PA energy-efficient windows and doors.

In business since 1996, Energy Swing Windows has the solution you need for your home's windows and doors. Our technicians are fully trained and certified and have decades of experience in the industry, meaning we can help you choose the right kind of window to suit your style and budget. We have been recognized by organizations like the Better Business Bureau, the Certified Contractors Network, and our local Chambers of Commerce for the quality and integrity of our work.

Windows and doors not only look great in your home, but when manufactured well and installed properly by trained technicians, they can also save you money on your utilities. Energy Swing Windows installs energy efficient products that are specifically designed to promote savings and comfort at home!

Our windows and doors in Allegheny County:

  • Swing-In Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Slider Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Entry Doors
  • French Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors

Our technicians are ready to install the perfect window or door for your home - schedule a free estimate with us today! We serve homeowners in Allegheny County and areas nearby.

Job Stories From Allegheny County, PA
True Lifetime Warranty - We Cover it All

True lifetime warranty.


For customers, getting companies to uphold their end of the bargain isn’t usually as easy as making a phone call. That is, unless the company on the other end of the phone line is Energy Swing Windows.


Everyone here at Energy Swing Windows will always put the needs of our customers first. So, when a client from Monroeville called inquiring how much it would cost to repair his window frame, we didn’t just quote him a price and leave it at that. We asked what happened.


We were completely surprised by his answer! 


Turns out our client was engaged in target practice with his bow and arrow when one of the arrows wandered and hit an unintended target: the vinyl frame of one of his Energy Swing Windows.


The arrow really made its mark. When our Director of Manufacturing Ron Strader, visited the customer’s house to inspect the damage left behind, he shared the news that although the sashes with glass in them were not damaged, all four sides making up the frame of the window would need to be removed and replaced by a whole new window frame.


The customer was devastated – a little embarrassed. Although he offered to pay for the new frame, Strader refused to take his money.


“We’d never had anything like this happen before, but we decided without hesitation that we would honor our True Lifetime Warranty,” he said. “It was an honest mistake by the homeowner and we wanted to make it right even if it cost us a few hundred dollars in materials and labor.”


For this customer, “True Lifetime Warranty” meant that Energy Swing Windows would remake and reinstall a new frame for the window at no cost.


And that is exactly what happened. Within days of getting the call about the damaged window, we manufactured a new frame to fit the opening.



One of our service technicians then spent a half day removing the entire window, replacing and reinstalling the new window frame and reinstalling the undamaged window sashes into the new frame.


Our client was thrilled with the professional manner in which his issue was taken care of. He never expected such a cheerful, no-hassle response.


He decided to express his gratitude to Strader and the technician who installed the new frame in the form of the biggest compliment a customer can give to us - referring a friend for new windows and doors. The referral has already made the decision to invest with Energy Swing Windows to take advantage of our unmatched service and satisfaction record.


While it’s never easy to turn down money for services that are no fault of ours, Energy Swing Windows realizes that sometimes gaining the trust and respect of customers is more important than money. For us it isn’t about profit, we simply did what we felt was right.


The result made one customer extremely satisfied and another completely comfortable with their decision to choose us as their trusted window company.

Taking Loses is Sometimes Necessary to Unsure We Do The Right Thing for our Customers


 The driving philosophy here at Energy Swing Windows is to always do the “right thing”. And sometimes doing the “right thing” means taking a large financial hit to ensure complete client satisfaction. That was the situation in which we found ourselves in during a recent fiberglass entry door installation.


The process began as any other for us. Our experienced Client Consultant, Chris Saxton helped his client choose an entry door that was the best fit for them, and hashed out all the finer details, like color, hardware, and glass style. Then Jeff Blank, our Project Manager took precise measurements of the custom-sized door, before finally placing an order with our door supplier.


 Fast forward a few weeks to when Energy Swing receives the door from the supplier and sends a crew of its certified employee installers to the clients’ home for installation. The fiberglass door along with two sidelites and decorative glass looks perfect with the exception of one glaring issue—it was cut too short.


Frustrated by the supplier sending the wrong size door, our Owner, Steve Rennekamp, vowed to make it right by re-ordering the door and sending the installers back to the home for a second install day. This time, the door is perfectly sized to fit the opening in the house, but the crew found another huge mistake—what was supposed to be a fiberglass door was, in fact, a nearly identical door made of steel.


We were prepared to order the door for a third time but the homeowners were willing to accept the steel version of their door, on the condition that we reimburse them a portion of their investment because steel doors are generally less expensive than similar fiberglass doors.


Embarrassed by the onslaught of errors from his door supplier, Rennekamp did what he promises he would “do again in a heartbeat”—he gave the clients all of their money back for the project. “When you consider all the doors we had to order and all the trips we made, we took an $8,200 loss,” said Steve, “but we’ve built Energy Swing Windows on the principle of providing 100% client satisfaction, and that’s what it took this time. It’s one reason we’ve won three ethics awards.”  The awards that Steve is referring to are the BBB Torch Award for Ethics that we recently won for the 3rd consecutive time.

Taking A Monetary Loss Isn't Always A Loss

It’s sad to say that not many people expect to receive a quality customer service experience these days. In fact, many just purchase a product or service and then hope for the best. So, when installing new windows created an unexpected problem for our customer Deborah C. of Pittsburgh, she would never have predicted how professional all of us at Energy Swing Windows reacted. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find another company that would ever consider matching our actions on this particular job. Mrs. C had Energy Swing Windows replace her old, leaky, energy inefficient windows. Installation went beautifully, so when she called us to report that she was dealing with a pretty substantial mold issue, we were caught by surprise to say the least. We listened as Mrs. C described how mold was growing in an upstairs closet. She was fearful of the mold build-up, especially since she worked from home in the room where the mold was growing. She explained that she contacted us with questions because before she had her windows replaced, she never had this problem. In order to ease Mrs. C.’s mind and help her find the root of the problem, we foot the $425 bill for a respected Pittsburgh home inspector to assess the situation. Turns out, moisture from her home that had been escaping through the old leaky windows was now being trapped inside the home, resulting in higher levels of humidity and mold build-up in the house. The home inspector reassured our customer that Energy Swing Windows was not responsible for the issue and made suggestions for remediation and prevention. “To go this extra mile cost Energy Swing a lot of time and money, but that is the only way we know how to treat our customers,” our president Steve Rennekamp said. “We’ve established a reputation to go above and beyond what other companies would do for their customers, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.” Although we did nothing wrong, we went ahead and not only paid for the home inspector, but we also paid $957.59 to have the closet walls rebuilt for the homeowner.


Why? Because we all have our customers’ best interests at heart. We know that no matter what, a satisfied customer is a happy customer who will refer friends and family to them in the future.     While we are obviously in the window and door business, our real business is helping customers solve problems with their homes. With more than 45 years of experience in the window and home construction industry, we can solve most problems and concerns customers may have and are happy doing so.

Old and Weathered Casement Windows Replaced in Natrona Heights, PA!

A lot of times, homeowners don't think about replacing their windows unless they see brand new windows in someone else's home and compare them to their own. This was the case for Chris D. of Natrona Heights. He had obvious older windows and he didn't realize how badly they needed to be replaced until his father had his windows replaced. He couldn't believe he didn't notice before how poor his old windows looked and performed. It was time and Chris knew he wanted to get the same company that installed his dad's windows.

The company was Energy Swing Windows, and when we sent our Sales Consultant, Chris Saxton, out to his home, he had the perfect solution. Our Chris sat down with the client and listened to his needs. He got a good look at the condition of the older windows, and came up with a solution based on his needs and preferences. His old windows were wood framed on the outside, which was starting to show it's age. Paint was starting the peel and crack. The interior was made of aluminum in some rooms and wood in others. He wanted something that was neater looking and similar in the different rooms in his home. We showed him his options, and felt because of the size and his personal preference that our vinyl casement windows would be a perfect fit! They would all be white, which holds up the the elements well, and really gives the home a crisp clean look. We installed the beautiful, easy to open casement windows in no time.

It was no surprise to him that we would do a good job. He saw his dad's finished product, but what he didn't expect was how much quieter his home was. No more outside noise, and how much better the new windows looked. He can now show off his new windows with pride. We are happy to say we have another satisfied customer!


Stunning Entry Door Replacement in Oakmont, PA!

Diane of Oakmont, PA has used Energy Swing Windows in the past for multiple projects, and has been satisfied with each one. When the time came for her front entry door to be replaced she knew exactly who to call. She knew our work was second to none, and how we follow through on our promises. That is why she felt more than confident to reach out to us once again.

For Diane, the most refreshing part of her current interaction with Energy Swing Windows was she once again had the same expert sales consultant, Chris Saxton. She met Chris in 2005 when she first contacted us to get another one of her doors replaced, and all these years later Chris is still with the company, and remembered her! She knows how special that is in a contractor industry. And just like the other times, Chris talked with her about her needs and wants with her new door. He offered suggestions and together they put together the perfect door for her! She was searching for a door in the same color red for the exterior but one with a bit more glass in it to let in the natural light without giving away too much of her privacy. Energy Swing Windows installed the door and exceeded her expectations on how perfect it would be.

She is once again a happy customer, and maybe for importantly, a customer who has full confidence in us because she sees first hand that we employ long-time employees, which is rare in our industry.

Window Replacement in East McKeesport, PA Gives Home An Instant Make-Over!

Howie of East McKeesport, PA loved his older home. He took good care of it, and did upgrades on it as needed. The time came for new windows. He was overwhelmed with all of the window company's he saw ads for on any given day. He wanted a quality product. He was tired of the drafty, difficult to open windows that he currently had in his home. He started to do research online and asking friends if they knew anyone that they would trust. A good friend of his told him about Energy Swing Windows. He explained how they did work in his home, and were excellent! His friend went on to tell him about how they make their own windows in their factory not far from where Howie lives. He liked that, so he decided to give them a call.

Donnie Darragh, the friendly and knowledgable expert Sales Consultant went out to his home on the initial measure call. Howie was pleasantly surprised how unlike a saleman Donnie was! He felt like he was having a conversation with a friend. Donnie took his time going over his old windows, and pointed out that he can keep with the same slider style of windows, but switch to a three panel instead of two. It would make a huge difference in appearance and effieciency.

It took only one month from the day Howie purchased his windows from Energy Swing until he was installed. He had to admit, he hadn't seen a better group of installers. They got right to work and the clean up was fantastic. If it wasn't for the new look the windows gave his home, he wouldn't have known anyone was even there. Now, Howie was become a fan, and loves how we updated his older home with keeping it's charm. He has begun telling anyone he knows how they need to give Energy Swing Windows a call!

Entry Door Replacement Gives Home an Instant Facelift in Allison Park, PA!

Our client, Lorraine from Allison Park, PA loved her home and intended to live there for a long time to come. She decided that she did need a change, and when her current entry door starting to not close easily she decided to kill two birds with one stone: invest in a better door that will change the appearance of her home. She wanted a local company, and not the typical contractor. She knew the best possible place to figure out who the right company was for her project, the Pittsburgh Home Expo. It was a given that she would have a bunch of companies in one place that were competing for her business, so she approached many booths. When she came across Energy Swing Windows, she didn't have to look any further.

She met our expert consultant, Chris Saxton, and instantly knew she wasn't just a job. He showed geniune concern when she told him how her old door was showing signs of age, and how she wanted a good efficient door that would look completely different from her outdated looking door she had. They made an appointment for Chris to come out, and he knew the exact door he wanted to show her. They decided on switching from a white door with a stained glass storm door, to a green door that would match her shutters and a full view storm door. He assured her the steel door would hold the heat in and would have no trouble closing it. He left no questions unanswered, and soon Lorraine hired Energy Swing Windows to put in her new door.

Lorraine was equally impressed with our installers. They worked well together, and took as good a care of her home as if it were their own home. They completed the installation, and cleaned up without issue. Now our client can't stop looking at her beautiful new door, and with our warranty should a need ever arises, she knows she will be in good shape.

Window Update in Elizabeth, PA

Over 75% of our customers are either repeat customers or referrals. We take great pride in getting that phone call from someone whom we've worked with in the past and is ready for more work to be done. Even with the amount of window companies available to them, they come back to us for a few main reasons.

Our customers in Elizabeth, PA had their sliding glass door replaced by Energy Swing Windows about 2 years ago. They originally stumbled upon us through a Google search, but fell in love with our way of doing business. Like most customer's, they were getting quotes from multiple contractors. When our Client Consultant, Donnie, met with them, he treated them exactly the way he treats all of our customers; like friends! That was a breath of fresh air for this couple. After learning about our warranty and company employed installation team, the two were officially "Team Energy Swing"!

Two years later, and now it's time for the windows to be replaced. The couple new there was no other company they would rather work with. Eight beautiful windows were installed to perfection, leaving the customers incredibly satisfied once again.

Window Update in Elizabeth, PA - Photo 1Window Update in Elizabeth, PA - Photo 2Window Update in Elizabeth, PA - Photo 3Window Update in Elizabeth, PA - Photo 4Window Update in Elizabeth, PA - Photo 5
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